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Aerial view of the entrance to an uncovered parking storage facility showing the automatic security gate and the parking spaces inside the facility.

The storage facility maintains strict policies to ensure a secure environment. Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited. Loitering and living in RVs or trailers is not allowed. Reckless driving is also strictly prohibited.


The facility owner does not provide insurance for tenant's belongings; that falls under the tenants' responsibility. It is mandatory for all tenants to secure insurance coverage for their stored property.


Gate access codes are reserved solely for tenant use. When entering the facility, please avoid tailgating other vehicles. If necessary, wait for the previous tenant to complete their entry before entering your personal access code.


Prohibited items include explosives, any flammables (kerosene, paint, etc.), drugs or drug paraphernalia, stolen items, hazardous items, any item deemed inappropriate by the manager or staff, and any items that could negatively impact other tenants of the facility.

Prohibited Items


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